Concentrating Efforts│2024 Marketing Strategy Meeting

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"On the morning of February 27, 2024, the three-day 2024 Annual Marketing Strategy Consensus Meeting was grandly convened at the headquarters of ZhuShi Pharmaceutical."

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The meeting, themed "Concentrating Efforts, Elevating Marketing," aimed to achieve consensus on future strategies, foster action-oriented focus, align goals throughout the organization, synergize efforts for efficiency gains, and strive for continued excellence. Attended by heads of sales departments from group subsidiaries, along with leaders from production, research and development, procurement, finance, human resources, printing, branding, and promotion departments.

Embrace Achievements, Confront Upgrades

Group Chairman Mr. Zhu Kunfu attended the meeting and delivered the opening speech. He warmly welcomed and expressed gratitude to the attendees for their efforts over the past year. Mr. Zhu emphasized the importance of enhancing product quality to improve service standards, advocating for the implementation of core responsibilities to safeguard customer rights, and strengthening the promotion of flagship brands. He also called for multi-level and wide-ranging collaboration externally and stressed the significance of instilling a sense of quality consciousness among employees, urging for stricter governance and rectification measures. Furthermore, Mr. Zhu highlighted the imperative nature of deepening reforms within the marketing system, urging everyone to demonstrate a spirit of enterprise, utilize marketing as a spearhead, actively support and cooperate with the group's marketing reforms, confront upgrades courageously, embrace change, and scientifically construct a new era for ZhuShi Pharmaceuticals.

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Gathering strength, embracing change for the future, and seizing opportunities to soar to new heights.  Fueled by the spring breeze of deepening reforms, ZhuShi Pharmaceuticals confronts challenges head-on and strides forward with confidence.  In 2024, united as one, the entire ZhuShi Pharmaceuticals team is resolute in forging ahead into the future!"

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