Disposable Uterine Cavity Lavage Radiography Tube

  • Disposable Uterine Cavity Lavage Radiography Tube

Product features: Made of medical silicone material, with good biocompatibility

Specification model: Specification/model: F12, F14 and F16.

Intended use: This product is used for clinical human uterine cavity lavage radiography.

Related Department: Gynecology department and obstetrics department.


The Disposable Uterine Cavity Lavage Radiography Tube is a specialized medical device designed for performing radiography procedures in the uterine cavity. It provides a safe and effective means of visualizing and assessing the uterine cavity while allowing for the introduction of contrast agents or other fluids for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.


Medical Silicone Material: The tube is crafted from high-quality medical-grade silicone, which is known for its excellent biocompatibility. This ensures patient safety and reduces the risk of adverse reactions.

Disposable: The tube is designed for single-use, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination and ensuring optimal hygiene during procedures.

Optimal Diameter Options: The product is available in various diameter options, including F12, F14, and F16. This range of sizes allows healthcare providers to select the most appropriate tube size based on patient anatomy and procedural requirements.

Radiopaque Material: The tube is designed with radiopaque markers that enable clear visualization under fluoroscopy or other imaging techniques. This ensures accurate positioning and precise guidance during the procedure.

Smooth and Flexible: The tube is constructed to be smooth and flexible, aiding in easy insertion and maneuverability within the uterine cavity.

Secure Connection: The tube is designed to securely connect to imaging equipment, allowing for the controlled injection of contrast agents or other fluids during radiography.

Patient Comfort: The smooth and gentle design of the tube helps minimize patient discomfort during insertion and removal.

Compatibility: The tube is compatible with standard imaging equipment and contrast agents used in uterine cavity radiography.


Accurate Diagnostics: The radiography tube enables clear visualization of the uterine cavity, allowing healthcare providers to accurately diagnose conditions such as uterine abnormalities, polyps, fibroids, and more.

Minimized Risk: The use of medical-grade silicone and disposable nature of the tube reduces the risk of infection, cross-contamination, and adverse reactions, ensuring patient safety.

Tailored Sizing: The availability of multiple diameter options allows for tailored sizing to individual patient anatomy, ensuring optimal fit and performance.

Enhanced Visualization: Radiopaque markers on the tube aid in precise placement and alignment, contributing to enhanced imaging and procedural accuracy.

Efficient Procedures: The smooth and flexible design of the tube facilitates efficient and comfortable insertion, contributing to smoother procedures and patient experiences.

Hygienic and Practical: Being a disposable device, the tube eliminates the need for reprocessing, cleaning, and sterilization, streamlining workflow in busy medical departments.

Versatile Application: The tube is suitable for various uterine cavity radiography procedures, including diagnostic assessments, monitoring, and therapeutic interventions.

Reduced Discomfort: Patient comfort is prioritized through the use of a smooth and gentle tube design, ensuring a less invasive and more tolerable experience.

Precise Guided Procedures: The secure connection and radiopaque markers aid healthcare providers in accurately guiding the procedure, leading to improved outcomes.

Specialized Department Use: Designed for gynecology and obstetrics departments, the tube caters to the specific needs of professionals dealing with uterine cavity radiography.

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