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At the beginning of the new year, on the afternoon of January 15th, a delegation from Ghana in Africa, consisting of Mr. Yamoah, Mr. Frank, and Mr. Wang, visited the company for research and exploration. Accompanied by relevant company executives, both parties held a discussion meeting for in-depth exchanges. The company representatives provided a detailed overview of the company's development and highlighted products. The diverse range of products captured the clients' attention, leading to numerous inquiries about product functionalities and market demands. This visit played a crucial role in laying the groundwork for exploring opportunities in their local market.

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Under the guidance of our company's relevant executives, the visiting delegation conducted an on-site tour and inspection of our products. They experienced firsthand the innovation and practicality of our products, expressing full affirmation. Subsequently, both parties engaged in in-depth discussions regarding product features and market dynamics.

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Finally, seizing this visit as an opportunity, the company will enhance its awareness of customer service, effectively manage various aspects of the foreign trade sector, and vigorously promote the development of international business.

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