Digital Mobile X-ray Machine

  • Digital Mobile X-ray Machine

 1. Introduction

known as pet digital radiography system, is professionally used for digital X-ray examination of pet, with the computer reconstructing the image and then making a series of post-processing. It is a must-purchased equipment for high-end and mid-high end pet hospitals, and it is to perform X-ray imaging of different parts of pet to assist vet doctors in timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment.

2. Function Features

Self-developed detector
The 16bits image display technology provides more exquisite images and ensures good image quality;
High-end tube provides high-quality X-rays to achieve image clarity;
There are two 380V and 220V power conditions are available and the power of 22KW and 32KW for customer to choose
Simple operation, easy to diagnose
It takes no more than 5 seconds to generate images, with professional functions such like zooming, rotating, measuring and etc. to get more accurate diagnosis. It also can realize the functions of printing, storing, transmission, and remote diagnosed with built-in DICOM3.0 standard interface.
Small and novel appearance
It is convenient for easy installation in domestic and oversea pet hospitals, and the height of the bed is suitable for users to operate. The bed surface is very easy to clean, and is design with the anti-scratch technology 

Power Source
2 years
After-sale Service
Online technical support
Shelf Life
2 years
Quality Certification
Instrument classification
Class II
Safety standard
EN 149 -2001+A1-2009
Product name
High Frequency Mobile Digital Radipgraphy System
Max output power
Main Inverter Frequency
X-ray tube focus
Small focus:0.6; Large focus:1.3
X-ray tube Rotation anode speed
Heat capacity
900kJ (1200kHU)
Tube current
Tube voltage

Digital Mobile X-ray Machine

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