High Power Mobile Digital Flat Panel Detector with DR

  • High Power Mobile Digital Flat Panel Detector with DR
  • High Power Mobile Digital Flat Panel Detector with DR




 Power Output


Inverter Frequency



Small focus:0.6  Large focus:1.3

Maximum Thermal Capacity


Tube Voltage


Tube Current


Digital Detector

Flat Panel Detector

Features: 1. With A-Si FPD detector, adopts advanced manufacturing process to have super stability.2. The detector has wide range of rotation, 17”x17” active area, can satisfy all kinds of photography on every part of body. 

3. Adopting international professional medical image processing technology Context vision, the machine has perfect function of DR image processing.

4. High resolution professional medical display, high resolution, high quality image.

5. It’s safe and swift to do image acquisition. Adopting international Dicom3.0 standard, it’s convenient to connect PACS system, transmit and print.

6. With human graphical operation interface, true color LCD touch screen, and digital intelligent control system, the operation is more convenient.

7. Appling different photographic parameters according to the human characteristics, such as multi-site, multi-position, multi-body shape, adult and children etc., the parameters can be modified and stored at will, which makes the operation more convenient.

8. With multiple automatic protection features and fault tips, it ensures the safety during operation process.

9. The self-designed and manufactured electric U-arm mainframe can move up and down, and rotate in a wide range, which can satisfy the requirements of multi-site photography, such as the position of standing and lying. 

10. Adopting original Italian geared motor, the features are more stable.

11. Adopt automatic digital control driven technology in mechanical movement, with high accuracy and reliable.

12. Three control methods of mechanical movements: close table control, hand control and compartment control, it makes the operation flexible and convenient.

13. Pad connected to workstation, realize the images wireless transmission, convenient diagnosis during free movement. 

Configuration:  1. Newly designed U-arm mainframe                             one set2. X-ray Tube assembly                                        one set

3. High inverter power supply electrical cabinet                    one set

4. Colored LCD Touch Screen Control Panel                      one set

5. 17”×17” FPD detector                                        one set

6. 19” medical specialized LCD monitor                           one set

7. Imaging workstation                                         one set

8. Symmetrical adjustable Collimator                            one unit

9. Pad                                                       one setSpecifications:

High Power Mobile Digital Flat Panel Detector with DR

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