Disposableineusion Connectionlines And Accessories

  • Disposableineusion Connectionlines And Accessories

Product features:

1.Extend the infusion line.

2. Standard Luer taper.

3. High clinical flexibility.

Intended Use: ln clinic. it is connected to other infusion instruments through Luer taper to realize the lineconnection between the two instruments and then infuse the liquid medicine.Related Department: Oncology department, ICU and operating room

Our Disposable Infusion Administration Set and Accessories provide a comprehensive solution for delivering intravenous fluids, medications, and blood products to patients. This advanced product is engineered to ensure accurate and safe fluid administration, infection prevention, and patient comfort during various medical interventions.

Key Features:

Complete Set: The infusion administration set includes components such as drip chamber, roller clamp, tubing, injection ports, and a Luer lock for secure connections.

Sterile Packaging: Each component of the set is individually sterilized and securely packaged to maintain aseptic conditions during fluid administration.

Precision Flow Control: The roller clamp allows healthcare providers to precisely control the flow rate of fluids to match the patient's needs.

Variety of Accessories: The set may include additional accessories like extension sets, needle-free connectors, and filters to optimize infusion management.

Compatibility: The Luer lock connectors ensure compatibility with various infusion devices, IV catheters, and medication delivery systems.


Fluid and Medication Administration: Disposable Infusion Administration Sets are used for delivering intravenous fluids, medications, blood products, and parenteral nutrition to patients.

Transfusion Therapy: They play a critical role in blood transfusions, ensuring accurate and controlled delivery of blood components to the patient.

Home Infusion: Infusion sets are used in home care settings for patients requiring long-term intravenous therapies.

Hospital and Clinical Settings: Infusion administration sets are integral tools in hospitals, clinics, outpatient settings, and home care environments.

Note: Proper training and adherence to sterile procedures are essential when using any medical device, including disposable infusion administration sets.

Experience the benefits of our Disposable Infusion Administration Set and Accessories, which offer a reliable and comprehensive solution for delivering fluids and medications, ensuring patient comfort, accurate dosing, and infection prevention in various medical scenarios.

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