Medical OEM/ODM Infant Gastric Feeding Tube

  • Medical OEM/ODM Infant Gastric Feeding Tube

Product features: The gastric feeding tube is more close to the needs of infants.The tube is thin, lts texture isexcellent. lts hardness is suitable. it is easy to fix, not easy to fall off in any direction when a lying position isadopted.

Specification model: 5F6F8F

Intended use: The product is intended for premature and seriouslv ill infants who cannot be fed with breast or bottle.

Related Department: Pediatrics department and gynecology and obstetrics department

Our Infant Gastrostomy Feeding Tube is a specialized medical device designed to provide safe and efficient enteral nutrition for infants who are unable to take sufficient oral feedings. This innovative product is engineered to ensure proper nutrition delivery, patient comfort, and infection prevention for delicate infant care.

Key Features:

Soft Material: The feeding tube is made from soft, flexible materials that minimize irritation and discomfort for delicate infant skin and tissues.

Multiple Lengths: The tubes are available in various lengths to accommodate different infant sizes and anatomies.

Secure Fixation: The tube includes an external retention device that ensures secure fixation and prevents unintentional removal.

Radiopaque Markings: Some tubes have radiopaque markings for accurate placement confirmation during X-ray imaging.

Smooth Insertion: The tube is designed for atraumatic insertion, ensuring minimal discomfort for the infant.


Enteral Nutrition: Infant Gastrostomy Feeding Tubes are used for delivering nutrition and fluids directly into the stomach for infants with feeding difficulties, premature birth, or medical conditions.

Gastrointestinal Decompression: They can aid in relieving stomach distension and prevent aspiration in infants with gastrointestinal issues.

Long-Term Care: Feeding tubes are suitable for infants with congenital conditions, neurodevelopmental disorders, or medical complexities requiring extended enteral feeding.

Hospital and Clinical Settings: These tubes are essential tools in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs), pediatric wards, and home care settings.

Note: Proper training and adherence to sterile procedures are essential when using any medical device, including infant gastrostomy feeding tubes.

Experience the benefits of our Infant Gastrostomy Feeding Tube, offering a gentle and reliable solution for delivering enteral nutrition to infants, ensuring patient comfort, supporting growth and development, and improving health outcomes in various medical scenarios.

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